Front Row 'In Season' Hardcopy Training Plan


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Front Row Hardcopy Training Plan
Six week training program supplied in a super useable format for you to manually fill in your records and stay accountable with your training.


As I am sure you know, playing in the front row is something which requires a vast combination of strength, power and robustness. Though rugby practice and games provide a training stimulus for some aspects of the position- there is nothing like a relevant strength training plan to really maximise your time available for the field and your effectiveness whilst you're on there.


If you are looking to take your training more seriously, adding strength and power to your game, then this is the plan for you! This progressive six week training plan is born from years of experience training professional front rowers, and will really help you direct your training where you need it, and most importantly transfer it onto the pitch! The plan comes in a simple and effective structure with exercise videos and reminder pictures to help you with technique. You'll set habits which will stay with you forever.