Front Row Pre Season


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Pre season is valuable training time for any position, but for the front row it is especially important to prepare for the tough demands ready to come. A specific strength training plan for this position will allow you to see big increases in strength, size and power to make a positive impact when the season arrives.


If you are looking to train hard, and add a specificity to your training, then this is the plan for you! This progressive six week training plan is tried and tested amongst some of the best front rowers in the world. It will create a solid direction to your training, and as with all our plans you will have a simple and effective structure with exercise videos and pictures to help you with technique.


This plan is split into Lower Body, Upper Body and Full Body sessions. You will ideally need to have access to a well equipped gym, containing barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, and sleds. A large variety of exercises, repetitions, rest periods and tempos, have been used to maximise adaptation you'll get.


All sessions can be completed around your regular pre season rugby training or conditioning sessions- no excuses- if you bring the dedication and intent to every session- we'll provide the platform to perform that you are after!


We all know that diet is hugely important too- so we've included some nutrition, lifestyle and scheduling tips. Stick to the plan, and improvements in strength, power and capacity are just some of the gains you will see!