Push Pull Pump - Hardcopy Training Plan


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Push Pull Pump Hardcopy Training Plan
Six week training program supplied in a super useable format for you to manually fill in your records and stay accountable with your training.


Who doesn't want to have a big strong upper body? Whether you are injured in your lower body so want a new focus, or simply want to spend some time filling out those training t-shirts. This plan is right up your street!


If you want to see noticeable upper body strength and size gains, we've designed this training plan for you! A simple and effective structure, exercise videos and reminder pictures to help you get the all important techniques right, we're giving you a clear path to the gains you desire.


We've planned this out with exercises that are ideally completed in a well equipped gym, using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and bands.

This might be a different type of plan yo what you normally embark on- so it's really going to challenge your body to adapt. We've included a variety of exercises, repetitions, rest periods and tempos, which when performed properly will cause muscle overload and maximum gains! Not only this, but we have also included a good dose of specific shoulder health exercises to help keep your training injury free!