Build The Base - Hardcopy Training Plan


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Build The Base Hardcopy Training Plan
Six week training program supplied in a super useable format for you to manually fill in your records and stay accountable with your training. 


Walking into the gym with limited gym experience can be a little daunting. We've all been there though, and the key is to really make the most of these early physical adaptations. At this stage in your training, your body will respond! Giving it a solid, progressive training plan is going to really maximise your gains at this stage.


As someone new to the gym, who really wants to set off on the right foot and improve your size and strength, we've designed this training plan for you! A simple and effective structure, exercise videos and reminder pictures to help you with technique, we're really going to get your gym journey off to the best start! You'll set habits which will stay with you forever.